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Wine 101 Course

Developed to give you a complete foundation in topics of wine like New and Old World wine regions, wine tasting and wine pairing, winemaking, grape varieties, and how to read a wine label.

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Graphic Organizer - Sparkling Winemaking Methods
Add A Little Sparkle to Your Life!

20-minute webinar on where sparkling wines are made, and how.


Ontario Wine 101
Ontario Wine 101!

Learn about the wine regions and wine producers of fine Ontario wine!


30-50 Latitudes
Attitudes About Latitudes

Dave Brodati covers important wine latitudes and wine regions found therein.


Scotch regions map whisky advocate
Scotch Whisky

Webinar on Scotch Whisky! Where and how it is produced.


Welcome to previous recordings of Oenologize wine webinars!

View the list below, and feel free to view webinar recordings on YouTube channel: Constructive Wine online!


Oenologize comes from the word "Oenology" to study wine 

and "-ize" to make happen (like energize)

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