Wherever you sit on the ABC fence (Anything but Chardonnay, vs. Another Bottle of Chardonnay please), this grape variety is capable of making exceptional wines in a huge range of styles. Join us in the Virtual Classroom to learn all about where in the world this grape is grown, how it transforms from grapes in the vineyard to wine in your glass, and it’s many expressions.


What Students are Saying:

“Malcolm has a lot of examples and additional information to share. He is genuinely passionate about wine and it comes blaring through his course material and live sessions. I learned about wine tasting basics, characteristics, wine making methods, old and new world wines, an introduction to food and wine pairing and so much more! If you love wine and want to learn the basics this is for you!”
-Wine Foundations course student

“Malcolm is a knowledgeable and passionate wine educator. The course was well laid out and paced perfectly for the novice wine enthusiast. Highly recommend.”
-Wine Foundations course student

“For a very small investment of time and dollars this course delivered on its objectives about wine. Being able to participate on line interactively with Malcolm and the class at home was very efficient and effective. Having taken other wine courses, this one stands out as the best.”
-Wine Foundations course student

Oenologize Course: Wine Foundations (101)

Do you Love wine and want to know more about what’s in the bottle? Are you in the wine industry and want to have a sound grasp on your field of work?

Join lead instructor and Certified Sommelier Malcolm Lamont in the online classroom for this fundamental course, and explore the fascinating world of wine education!

By the end of the 5-week course, students will be able to:

  • Select wine at a store or off a wine list with understanding and confidence in their decision
  • Know how to get the most out of tasting wine and pairing it with food
  • Know where, and how wine is made
  • Understand the characteristics of the main grape varieties
  • Understand specialty wines like Port and Champagne

Click here to see: all the topics you will learn in the Wine Foundations Curriculum mind map document

There is no pre-requisite level of wine knowledge for this course. A Love of and curiosity about this captivating subject is all that is needed!

This 5-week course will run Sunday afternoons from September 17th – October 22nd 2017 (no class on Sun. Oct. 8th) and is mainly focused on the live online classes, all starting at 1pm EST. Classes will run for approx. 2 – 2 ½ hours.

Registration is only $69 and covers all of your course delivery and online instruction, including recordings of each class. At the end of the course you will receive your very own Oenologize Wine Foundations Certificate!

To cover the topics thoroughly 2 wines will be explored during each class and a budget of $200 should be set aside for the purchase and enjoyment of these wines for this course.